Atlatis Gold Casino and Treasure Island Jackpots $350 Free Roll

Play with $350 Free Roll at Atlatis Gold Casino and Treasure Island Jackpots

Redeem Coupon: ROM350SDBJ

This is not…i repeat not the same tourney as was listed prior….(jly14-16)…marketing used the same code on accident…this is a new tourney using same code…(see dates below)

Games: Single Deck Blackjack
Registration Opens on: Reg Open Immediately
Tournament Starts on: Jul 27, 2013 (8PM US Time)
Tournament Duration: 2 Days
Tournament Ends on: Jul 28, 2013 (8PM US Time)
# of Winners: 25 (Top Prize $100)
Minimum # Players: 50
Maximum # Players: 2000
Starting Credit: $30.00

This casino accept american players

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